Thanks for visiting Almost Gracefully! I’m Lee, a middle-aged New Orleans native living in Savanah, Georgia. I share the empty nest I call home with my sweet, guitar-playing husband, two goofy dogs and a noisy little parrot named Louie. Ret and I have three terrific grown sons, one in Atlanta and two in Seattle, and three grand-dogs. No grandchildren yet, but you never know.

Last year I retired from a long career in a crazy-stressful corporate job. For the first few months, I felt compelled to produce something else — start a business, write a book, do something! But now, well, I don’t know. I’m feeding the birds. Planting herbs. Spending extra time on my yoga mat. I’ll figure it out eventually. In the meantime, I’m remembering to breathe.

In case you’re wondering…

how my blog got its name: Almost Gracefully is how I describe the way I do most things: speaking, moving, aging (almost) gracefully… I started blogging about five years ago, when my meditation teacher suggested I write about yoga and see what happens.

While I absolutely LOVE teaching yoga (I’ve been a moonlighting yoga teacher for about a dozen years), writing is my first love. But I didn’t want to blog about yoga poses or esoteric yoga philosophy. Lots of other people are way better qualified to do that. And anyway, most of my yoga happens off the mat, in the way I look at the world and react to the circumstances in my life. So, well, this blog is what happened. I write about living in a middle-aged body. Being mindful and paying attention. Looking for the silver lining, even when it’s really hard to see. Appreciating the special people and little things that make my life worthwhile. And the many lessons learned along the way. And dogs. Among other things.

Grace + peace,


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