About Me


Thanks for visiting Almost Gracefully! I’m Lee Manale, a 50-something late bloomer with an empty nest, a stressful day job, and a love for writing and teaching yoga. (And dogs. And birds. And just about anything chocolate.)

Almost Gracefully…

is how I’m navigating my way through midlife. I started this blog about four years ago when my beloved meditation teacher suggested I write about yoga and see what happens. This is what happened.

Since my yoga practice affects almost everything I do off the mat, there’s a lot to write about here: managing the stress in my life (which is why I started practicing yoga in the first place), striving to live more mindfully and compassionately, finding the joy in the everyday moment, dealing with the challenges and appreciating the blessings that come with aging.

In addition to the stories I share here, every month I email a fun little message to the super nice people on my mailing list. The content varies but I usually include some kind of easy yoga stretch, a mindfulness exercise to try, links to interesting articles and anything else I find inspiring. Would you like to get it? Sign up here to have it delivered to you by email and please share with friends who might also enjoy it. Thanks so much!




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