About Me


Thanks for visiting Almost Gracefully! I’m Lee Manale, a 50-something yoga teacher living in Savannah, Georgia. I share the empty nest I call home with a guitar-playing husband, two dogs and a noisy little parrot named Louie.

By nature I’m a high-strung worrywart who should probably switch to decaf. I’m so glad I found yoga! I first started practicing in the 90s when my children were young to help me better manage my sometimes overwhelming anxiety. It made all the difference as I raised my family and established a career in a stressful corporate environment. Now that my sons are grown and my corporate life is behind me, I’m excited to have more time to share this wonderful gift even more.

My first teacher training program was at Savannah Yoga Center in 2008. After that, I completed my 500-hour certification through the Integral Yoga® Academy at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, focusing on stress management, meditation, and yoga for cancer and heart disease. Over the years, I’ve taught after-work classes for fellow corporate employees, stress management workshops, community classes for beginners, personalized sessions with private clients and chair yoga at a local senior center. Once I even held private classes after hours at a dog grooming salon. Yep, human students, downward dog! Who knows where I might teach next?

In case you’re wondering…

how my blog got its name: Almost Gracefully is how I describe my midlife journey — aging (almost) gracefully! I started blogging almost five years ago, when my meditation teacher suggested I write about yoga and see what happens.

I didn’t want to write blog posts about yoga poses or esoteric yoga philosophy. Lots of people are way better qualified to do that! And anyway, most of my yoga happens off the mat, in the way I view the world and react to the circumstances in my life. So, well, this blog is what happened. I write about living yoga in a middle-aged body — being mindful, finding gratitude, appreciating the people and animals in my life, and lessons learned (usually the hard way). Among other things.

Now that I’m making the transition from corporate life to teaching, a lot of things are changing. Coming soon: an online yoga studio! It will offer both recorded and livestream yoga classes, meditation, relaxation and imagery, and lots of fun, practical inspiration to help you live your less-stressed best. Want to know more about it? Join my mailing list to get updates, plus easy yoga stretches, mindfulness exercises and other inspiring messages.

Grace + peace,


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