What Color Are Your Glasses?

Lately I’ve felt surrounded by negativity. How about you? Today I’m revisiting a post that helps me remember it’s up to me to choose my attitude.

Almost Gracefully

Once upon a time, there was a girl who prided herself on being prepared for every possible lousy outcome. She anticipated every pitfall, mentally conjuring every worst-case scenario. Having a vivid imagination and a pessimistic outlook, she positively excelled in the negative.

This girl thought optimists were suckers because they’re so often disappointed. Since she believed nothing in her experience ever worked out according to plan, she thought it was emotionally safer to just expect the worst. After all, if on the rare occasion something did go well, she could be pleasantly surprised.

There’s a big problem with this kind of thinking: dwelling on the negative ushers in more negative. We tend to find just what we’re looking for. We attract it.

I know a lot about this. Because I was once that girl.

I don’t think I was born with a dark cloud over my head. Always full of…

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Lee Manale is a certified yoga and meditation instructor specializing in holistic stress reduction. Naturally a high-strung worrywart herself, she loves sharing with others the practices that have changed her life. Lee shares an empty nest in Savannah, Georgia with her husband, two dogs and a noisy little parrot named Louie.

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